Rail Track Bolt Wrench For Nut Replacing

Rail Track Bolt Wrench For Nut Replacing

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Type: Torque Wrench

Material: Carbon Steel

Overall dimension: 1900*560*900(mm)

Engine rev.:3600r/min

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Tiegong

Model Number: JGBIII-20

Petrol engine type: 6.5HP

Rated thrust: 20KN

Top head QTY.: 2

Working efficiency: ≤4sec/one piece

Weight: 138kg

Overall dimension: 1900*560*900(mm)



1.Gasoline driven, strong adaptability to an open working environment.
2.Mechanical transfer, hydraulic control, stable output torque.
3.Equipped with all models of sockets, suiting various specs of bolts.
4.The socket head set can deflect according to the posture of the bolt, meeting the needs of bolt fastening and dismounting operations in different space.


Internal-Combustion Bolt Wrench is a special tool for the fastening and unscrewing of spike nut in railway, subway, and light-rail lines.

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