Hydraulic Ballast Tamper Railway

Hydraulic Ballast Tamper Railway

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Product Details

YD-22 hydraulic ballast tamping machine is a special-purpose machinery used in the maintenance of the railway works. It is mainly used for the ballast tamping of the rail sleeper. It can be used to work in the interval time of the trains and no need for interval close. It has three kinds of engine: gasoline, diesel and motor.

Quick Details

Type: SleepersMaterial: Carbon Steel/Metal and stainless steel
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 1390*750*1600mmMax.under thrust force: 110mm±10mm(beneath the sleeper)
Rated top lifting force: 150-250KNWeight: 25-600kg
Vibration frequency: 66.7HzMax. lifting amount: 120-800mm
Production efficiency: ≥ 270pieces/(group/per hour)Hydraulic pressure: 5~6MPa
Model Number: YD-22IIBrand Name: TIEGONG
Certificate: CRCC/ISO/patentPlace of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Motive power: GX390 petrol engine power:9.5KW, RPM:3600round/minUsage 1: Rail Tamping Machine
Usage 2: Railway Relaying and MaintainingApplication 1: Novel Structure , Portable Operation
Application 2: Safety and ReliabilityApplication 3: Rail track ballast tamping operation

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas Third-party Support Available.

Operation process

1.Check  the lubricating oil whether is within scale label range and don't adjust their rated speed

2.Put the walk frame on the line,road wheel aimed at two rails,the top of two tamping machine push to the flat rack, alignment position respectively,large bolt positioning hole, then folded up under the frame,

4.move the combination switch

5.When the machine working, will first pick palm to the maximum position then began to insert.

6.To meet the depth of the requirements after the start, open the folder solid cylinder, so that two pairs of shaking the palm of hand to the pillow clamping, in the shock force and clamping force under the joint action, the ballast was pressed and shock Real, to achieve the purpose of tamping. According to the line situation, pick palm inserted into the bed, just need to clip 1 to 3 times.

7.After the completion of clamping ballast, open the palm of the hand while pulling the valve lift valve stem, so that the machine rose to the highest position, forward to push the tamping machine to the next pillow tamping position, continue to tamping operations.

8.In the course of use, the operator should pay close attention to the operation of the machine and line conditions. The two operators should work closely with each other and strive to act in harmony.

9.The first tamping after half an hour to stop working, adjust the tension wheel, increase the belt tension, to prevent the band.