YCD-32 Hydraulic Rail Switch Tamping Machine Is Expanding The Stock

- Mar 24, 2020-

     YCD-32 hydraulic rail switch tamping machine is expanding the stock

   Recently, according to the demand of our customers, YCD-32 hydraulic rail switch tamping machine which produced independently is producing in mass.

   YCD-32 hydraulic rail switch tamping machine is the special equipment used for railway line switch part tamping operation. It can adopt diesel engine or gasoline engine as power source to meet the customers' needs in different countries or regions. Compared with the YCD-22 hydraulic rail switch tamping machine, the YCD-32 type appends the transverse hydraulic motor, which is more convenient for the workers to operate in the transverse direction, save the labor force and improve the working efficiency. In addition, the clamping part is driven by two cylinders which can drive a pair of tamping picks at the same time, strengthen the clamping force, reduce utmost the machine height to facilitate  workers to operate.

   After multiple repeated experiments, YCD-32 hydraulic rail switch tamping machine's  performance is stable and efficient. It effectively solves the customer's tamping demand for frog part, and plays an indispensable role in the railway line construction and maintenance.

   We sincerely welcome all the new and old customers to visit our company .