Where Are The Flashy Railway Luxury Cars Coming Together?

- Mar 05, 2021-

Talking about luxury cars

Most people's first impression is that

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce

And Bugatti

Yesterday, there was a private letter from iron powder

I photographed it on the Jingbao line

Pictures of tens of millions of luxury cars gathering

These luxury cars are not only valuable

What's more, they have all kinds of "amazing skills"

The elevator

Catenary comprehensive maintenance train

"Take you to the runway"

Property: it integrates maintenance, meeting, rest, board and lodging. It is mainly used for comprehensive maintenance of OCS, with a total length of 220 meters.

Skill: after the runway is raised, the 175 meter long catenary can be centrally overhauled at one time, which is 6 times more efficient than in the past.

Value: about 47 million yuan per train.


Rail grinding car

"A spark with lightning"

rail grinding locomotive

Properties: mainly used to eliminate wear, deformation and other defects of rail surface. The total length is 62.3 meters and the total weight is 256 tons.

Skills: 48 grinding heads, high grinding efficiency; computer automatic detection and adjustment of grinding amount, high grinding accuracy.

Value: about 54 million yuan per train.


Switch grinding car

"I'm the one who's smart and cute"

turnout grinding locomotive

Properties: mainly used for switch grinding, hydraulic grinding motor to save space, high efficiency. Using computer control system, it is easy to operate and maintain. The total length is 24.4 meters and the total weight is about 172 tons.

Skills: narrow body, small gauge requirement, expandable multi vehicle coupling, centralized control.

Value: each group is worth about 19 million yuan.

Fire man

Mobile flash rail welding car

"I am a bright steel flower maker"

flash welding machine

Property: fully meet the requirements of high-speed railway jointless track, is the ideal welding operation vehicle for jointless track, with a total length of 16.4 meters.

Skills: the quality of rail welding can be improved to the level close to factory welded rail.

Value: about 11 million yuan per set.

Speed man

Turnout tamping machine

"I'm just quick"

turnout tamping machineAttribute: it is used for track starting, track shifting, leveling and ballast tamping on both sides of rail for railway lines and turnouts to improve the smoothness of the whole set of turnouts, with a total length of 32.2m.

Skills: the operation efficiency is less than or equal to 35 minutes (tamping 12 single turnout) and more than 500 meters per hour (on the flat track with 1840 sleepers / km).

Value: about 14 million yuan per set.