TOP 5 Most Isolated Subway Stations In China

- Jul 16, 2018-

   Speaking of the subway, now it has become the most convenient means of transportation in the city, so the subway station is also the sea of people, especially in the morning and evening peak, but there are desolation in the bustle, the noise is lonely, there is harm to the contrast, because there are always some subway stations, the world is independent and independent!

No. 5: Changlingpo station, Shenzhen

    Changlingpo station, the most desolate subway station in Shenzhen, when you sit at this station, you can basically say that the whole subway is contracted.


No. 4: Xiaogang station, Guangzhou

    Xiaogang station, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 has opened the station, is the northernmost subway station of Baiyun New Town, near Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, also known as "the most desolate subway station in Guangzhou".


No.3: Foziling station, Nanning

    Foziling Station in Nanning is the most desolate subway station in Nanning. There are no buildings nearby. In addition to the soil, the Fozi ridge station looks like the desert in the desert, so it is called the "Afghan station" by the netizen, and it has PS some camels to put on the desolation.


No. 2: Lingshan station, Nanjing

    Lingshan station, is a site on Nanjing Metro Line 4. After leaving the station, there is no road. There is only one path. It is surrounded by deserted land. It has become the loneliest subway station in Nanjing. There are 3 outdoors at Lingshan Railway Station, and 2 are open at present.


No. 1: Caojiawan lightrail station, Chongqing

    Caojiawan Station, a site of line 6 of Chongqing light rail, has 3 entrance and entrance. At present, only No. 1 is opened, and the other two entrances are more concealed than the number 1.

     Why it become the No. 1 , it is because of its desolation, you will feel in the wild mountain in the wild mountains, its desolate degree even foreigners are even called strange, so the net friend is also a joke, visitors come out of the station: who am I? Where am i? CaoJiaWan Station: not surprised? Is it unexpected?


     As a matter of fact, the subway stations seem to be out of mess and the infrastructure is not perfect, but after the arrival of the station, the modern sense of modern sense, the long elevator down, the light and neat and neatly new subway station is believed to be very long.