To Ride East Wind Line Ten Thousand Miles

- Oct 23, 2019-

To ride east wind line ten thousand miles!


Dongfeng 4 diesel locomotive is the first locomotive of the second generation of diesel locomotive in China.

It is also the first ac - dc diesel locomotive designed and developed in China.

1969 by dalian locomotive and rolling stock factory trial production.

After continuous improvement, dongfeng 4 type 0001 diesel locomotive officially rolled off the production line in 1973.

In 1963, our country began to manufacture First generation diesel locomotive.

In 1974, dongfeng 4 locomotive officially factory Marked the debut of a new generation of internal combustion engine.


"Dragon type" diesel locomotive


 Dongfeng diesel locomotive type 4 group


Dongfeng type 4 0001 diesel locomotive of the 1970s


Dongfeng 4 type 0001 diesel locomotive is an important witness of the development and change of railway traction power in China.

It provides valuable experience for the manufacture and development of locomotives in China.