The Test Of YQBJ-250 X 110 Hydraulic Lifting And Lining Machine In Factory

- Jun 12, 2018-

The test of YQBJ-250 x 110 hydraulic lifting and lining machine in factory

At the gate of a factory assembly workshop, the sound of "buzzing" was heard. It turned out that the production workers were working hard, and the 30 YQBJ-250 x 110 hydraulic lifting and lining machine was experimentation in turn.


The YQBJ-250 * 110 hydraulic hoisting machine produced by our factory is suitable for the rail lines and dialing operations of 43 /m ~ 75 /m rail lines, which can both raise the track level and adjust the track level. It is also an indispensable professional tool for the large, middle repair and ballast maintenance of the railway line and the dialing operation.


Different from the previous dialing machine, the hook rail mechanism uses double track hook, the rail is more stable, the amount of the dialing is more accurate. In order to facilitate the next channel, the lower rack is added to the machine, and the operation is more convenient. In addition, the tubing tubing also has the explosion-proof function, which greatly increases the safety factor of the operation.

In the course of the experiment, the staff carefully test, carefully check the tightening of each nut, every detail does not pass... The workers' meticulous work attitude, conscientious spirit, and do not let any unqualified products into the hands of the customers deeply feel me.