The Perfect Appearance Of The YZG-550 Double Hook Rail Bender In Jiangcheng

- Jun 14, 2018-

The perfect appearance of the YZG-550 double hook rail bender in Jiangcheng

In May 31, 2018, Zhang Ye, the sales manager of Jinzhou Tiegong railway maintenance machinery Co., Ltd., went to the Wuhan Railway Bureau, Wuhan high speed rail section, Hesheng bridge line workshop to train the YZG-550 double hook rail bender produced by our company.


The machine is a multi-purpose manual hydraulic special tool for straightening (or bending) horizontal rail of 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m rail, AT rail and switch rail. The machine adopts a split structure, and the single piece weight does not exceed 75kg. It is convenient for the on-site handling and installation work. In addition, the piston stroke is up to 120mm, which provides the performance guarantee for the changeable operation situation in the field.



      During the training process,  Zhang Ye made a clear and thorough statement and demonstrated the use of every step to ensure skilled use of our products. After the training, the customer is very satisfied with the warm and thoughtful service of our company, recognizes the use effect of our company's products, and puts forward the directional opinion on the further reform and upgrading. The Jinzhou Tiegong railway maintenance machinery Co., Ltd. will strengthen the research market, set up the railway line construction, broadens the horizon, Widely admonition, with higher standards to enhance product performance, more and better products will be served in railway transportation.