The Longest Heavy-haul Railway Under Construction In The World

- Sep 06, 2019-

The Longest Heavy-Haul Railway Under Construction In The World

                                                                ------Haoji Railway

In the 735km pipe section of no. 2 standard of haoji railway "no. 4 power" project, the speed of test vehicle group is gradually increased from 45km to 120km. The power supply of catenary is always stable and reliable. 


The total length of haoji railway is 1813.544 kilometers, the designed maximum speed is 120 kilometers, the planned annual coal transportation is 200 million tons, is the national "north coal transportation" new strategic channel, locomotive traction power, traction substation backflow current is large, the maximum traction current is 2300 amperes.The catenary adopts the silver-copper alloy contact line, which has better conductive property and stronger locomotive traction capacity.

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On July 2, 2019, haoji railway announced the completion of the laying of the last long railway track at ji 'an station in jiangxi province, laying a solid foundation for the operation of the whole line.