The Cultural Exchange Meeting Will Create A New Pattern For The Development Of China And Laos

- Oct 30, 2019-

The cultural exchange meeting will create a new pattern for the development of China and Laos

The china-laos railway "bridge of friendship" youth cultural exchange activity with the theme of "jointly building the china-laos railway and building a beautiful homeland" was held at sufanufeng university in luang prabang, Laos on October 25.This activity is sponsored by the construction headquarters of China railway China old railway project, and undertaken by the second institute of China railway, the Confucius institute of sufanufeng university and the second bureau of China railway.According to the person in charge of the organizer, the youth cultural exchange activity took Chinese speech as the theme, and integrated into the questions and answers of china-laos railway knowledge, Lao traditional ethnic talent show and other links.

The china-laos railway is the first international railway directly connected to China's railway network with Chinese investment after the One Belt And One Road initiative.China believes that only when we are open can we discover opportunities, make good use of them and take the initiative to create them so as to realize our national goals.The "One Belt And One Road" initiative aims to turn the world's opportunities into China's opportunities and China's opportunities into the world's opportunities.China has always been a contributor to world peace, global development and the international order, providing public goods and services for world peace, development, stability and prosperity.We will build a community with a Shared future for mankind in the spirit of the world for all. We will build the largest platform for providing public goods to the world -- jointly building the "One Belt And One Road" and weaving the largest network of partnerships in the world.

The construction of the china-laos railway has made great contributions to the local people. It has directly recruited local people to engage in production and labor, which has improved the employment opportunities and income of Lao people and effectively improved the local infrastructure.The china-laos railway "bridge of friendship" youth cultural exchange activity with the theme of "jointly building the china-laos railway and building a beautiful home together" will promote extensive, in-depth and lasting exchanges and cooperation between relevant parties in economic, political and cultural fields.Enjoy the joy and charm brought to us by the performance, and compose a new chapter of china-laos cultural and art exchanges. The builders of china-laos railway here harvest friendship and hope, and build a platform for further cooperation between the two sides with intangible culture and art.It can not only bring the traditional culture of the Chinese nation to Laos, but also learn the essence of each other's art through the communication and exchange of art and culture between the two countries in the performance, so as to connect with each other and learn and innovate.