The Beijing Section Of The JingXiong Intercity Railway Has Entered The Operational Test Stage

- Sep 29, 2019-

The Beijing section of the JingXiong intercity railway has entered the operational test stage


Sep. 5- the beijing-xiong intercity railway (Beijing section) ended its 27-day joint test and officially began to operate as the 55001 fuxing bullet train set off from Beijing west railway station on Sept. 5.This means that jingxiong intercity railway (Beijing section) from the official opening of the countdown phase.


Jingxiong intercity railway (Beijing section) starts from liying station in the north and daxing airport station in the south, with a total length of 33.97 kilometers, including 3 Bridges and 2 tunnels.The design speed is 250 kilometers per hour, and the fastest time for passengers from Beijing west railway station to daxing airport station is more than 20 minutes.

The male inter-city railway (Beijing segment) is now the train check-out car, test the emu, comprehensive testing and related testing equipment, the along track, power supply, catenary, communications, signal equipment testing step by step, and organize the running parameters test, fault simulation, emergency drills, each inspection system of transport organization in normal and abnormal conditions of adaptability, validation of train operation organization mode can satisfy the operating requirements;To test the emergency response capability under the condition of equipment failure, emergency and natural disaster.


Full service is expected by the end of next year.After the full line is opened, the beijing-xiongan intercity railway will be connected with major cities in China by high-speed rail, and the beijing-xiongan.