Terms Applicable To Railcar Drivers

- Jul 07, 2020-

Terms applicable to railcar drivers

1. Leave, sleep or engage in other unrelated work without authorization.

2. Wrong transmission, missed transmission, wrong transmission, missing transmission speed limit command, or wrongly set or missed train control speed limit.

3. Unauthorized shutdown, man-made destruction of running safety equipment such as rail cars and other self-rotating equipment.

4. Unlock the monitoring device in violation of regulations or isolate the train control vehicle equipment without authorization.

5. No anti-slip protection measures are taken for vehicles and trains that stay.

6. Carrying over-capacity exceeding the size indicated by the telegram; loading of goods and road materials without loading and reinforcement schemes, or poor quality of loading cause serious over-loading.

7. The truck doors are not properly closed, the goods fall off, and the tarpaulins and ropes are open.

8. Enlarge the scope of the operation without permission, or change the operation items without approval.

9. The truck compartment carries people.

10. The track car drives without authorization without confirming the signal and the approach.

11. The locomotive driver sleeps while on duty; leaving the driver's cab without permission during the duty, leaving the driver's cab unattended.

12. The brake system of the locomotive and the running part of the train are malfunctioning, and the blind operation is not handled according to the regulations.