Structural Characteristics Of Hydraulic Rail Drawing Machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Hydraulic rail tensile machine structure is superior to other similar products, the use of Split-site assembly-type structure, including two clamps, four wedges, two oil cylinder piston rod assembly and inlet and back tubing, simple structure, assembly extremely convenient.

2. Hydraulic rail tensile machine structure features the holding mechanism adopts two clamping blocks and two groups of wedge-iron rails on two sides of the rail roof, holding firm, not skidding, better than similar products of other holding institutions (such as holding rail waist, parts, and must clear track bottom road slag,) without necromancy slag.

3. The hydraulic rail tensile machine structure characteristic mainly uses in the rail stress diffuse operation, and can be used more than one machine, can be two-way operation, that is, can pull the rails, and can push the rails, so can replace the rail slot regulator to adjust the rail seam, and can replace the pull rail device to pull the rail, and the rally than the general pull rail a few times the pull.

4. Hydraulic rail tensile machine structural features are all above the sleeper bolts, operating without the bolt or down bolts.