Railway Maintenance Work

- Aug 03, 2018-

The maintenance of the railway line include:

The regular maintenance of the railway line and the large and medium repair of the line.

Regular maintenance includes comprehensive maintenance (planned maintenance), emergency rest, key disease remediation and patrol work.


Planned maintenance includes:

Starting, diverting, diverting, adjusting rail joints, tamping and cleaning ballast.

Emergency remedy:

Refers to the urgent repair work that must be carried out immediately at any individual location outside the planned maintenance area.

Key disease control:

Thoroughly eliminate some diseases with heavy workload on the line for a long time.

Such as: comprehensive renovation of joints, regulation of line crawling, thorough remediation of subgrade, mud boiling and so on.

Search work:

It is responsible for inspecting the state of rail, turnout and connecting parts in the pipe of the work area, and check whether the subgrade has the conditions of subsidence, collapse, water damage, snow damage and so on, as well as the integrity of signal and line marks. Patrol workers should also do their best to deal with the undesirable phenomena.

Construction content of line overhaul:

To correct and improve the plane and longitudinal section of the line, to replace or replace the rail, to repair the rail, to replace or to supplement the sleeper, to screen and replace the ballast, to fill the ballast, to make a comprehensive lifting and tamping, to improve the cross section of the bed, to improve the subgrade and to install anti creeping equipment.


After overhaul, the quality standard of the line should meet the design requirements or be strengthened.