How Important Is The Impact Of Rail Grinding? Do You Know It?

- Jun 11, 2018-

How important is the impact of rail grinding? Do you know it?

In August 16, 2011, the fracture of elastic bar was found in a branch of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, and a special inspection was conducted on the whole line. The cumulative inspection found that more than 550 injuries were found. The abnormal light band is closely related to the scratches left by rail grinding tools.

According to the test data and the actual situation, it is found that re grinding the rail and rationally determining the grinding method are the best solutions to alleviate the damage problem of the bomb strips in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. After a series of improvements, no damage has been found in the new line since May 1, 2013.

        Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd.which has combined with many cases similar to it and carried out a lot of on-site inspection, specially produced an undesirable track circuit breaker for rail derusting, such as rail rust removal, scratch repair and track circuit "undead". The car was in Jinzhou in the afternoon of October 16, 2017. The test was carried out in the four area of the shunting.


In the course of operation, the high-speed rolling steel brush touches the rusty rail surface, and immediately the sparks are splashed and the rust and mist diffuse, and the rails are instantly polished. Moreover, the unique design of the steel brush enables the grinding car to be completely polished and bright without leaving dead ends when passing through the turnout.


Rail grinding vehicle

After grinding, the staff of the electric service carry out the residual pressure test on the track of the grinding area, the residual pressure of the track division before the grinding is 17.7V, the residual pressure of the track after grinding is 3.18V (the standard is below 10V), the effect is very obvious.

The successful R & D of the grinding vehicle, under the same workload, saves 95% of the labor force, greatly reduces the labor cost, improves the working efficiency, improves the rail rust removal, the scratch repair, the track circuit "undead" regulation effect, trains the train and shunting route, and ensures the safety and dispatch of the train operation. The safety of traffic command provides a strong guarantee.

Although grinding is the basic work of the engineering department, it will cause a lot of problems because of grinding. Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. will strictly follow the needs of the field, improve and improve, strive to create more intelligent, stronger, more efficient, more applicable grinding equipment, The construction and development of China's railway industry has made our greatest contribution.