Order Of USD 500 Million LRVs For Turkey

- Dec 01, 2018-

Order of USD 500 Million LRVs for Turkey On October 26, local time, CRRC ZELC signed a contract with the Istanbul Municipal Government of Turkey for a total of US$500 million in articulated light rail vehicles.

The LRVs ordered by Turkey will run on the Istanbul Airport Line and adopt the ISO22163 international railway industry standard. They will be compatible with the existing lines of Istanbul in terms of form and technical interface, which can realize the mixed run on M1 line and the new line (Tunnel and elevated rail) in Istanbul, meeting the requirements of current manned driving and upcoming driverless in the future.Body design: The design of body width for the project is 2.65 meters, the interior of vehicle is as high as 2.1 meters, and the maximum operating speed is 80 km/h. The bogie uses articulated frame to enhance the vehicle's ability to pass small radius. The minimum negotiation radius is 30 meters, which will greatly improve the passenger's comfort. The LRVs are grouped in 4 cars and all powered, which capacity will over 1,500 passengers.

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