Notice For Use Of Petrol Engine

- Mar 28, 2021-

Notice for the Use of

Hydraulic Switch Tamping Machine with Petrol Engine

1.      Special four-stroke engine oil must be added to petrol engine before it is used.

2.      The amount of oil must be sufficient, please check with dipstick.

3.      Petrol should use unleaded petrol for automobiles, not petrol mixed with engine oil.

4.      It is strictly forbidden to use engine without air filter element.

5.      Petrol engine must be put off when adding oil. Please don’t fill the tank, in case of overflowing, cover the tank tightly after refueling. If there is an overflow of gasoline, the engine must be wiped clean before it can be started. Please do not smoke and stay away from fireworks when filling oil.

6.      Check the hydraulic oil in the tank, oil surface must not be lower than the center of the oil window hole. Hydraulic oil should be selected according to the season and local temperature (generally select over 68 # in summer and 32 # in winter).

7.      Filter elements of air filters shall be cleaned and maintained every quarter or after 50 hours work, and new spare parts should be replaced if necessary.

8.      Vibration shaft bearings shall be cleaned and replaced the grease every quarterly (molybdenum disulphide grease).

9.      The tamping pick must reach below the sleeper before to operate the clamping cylinder, ("rub down" can be adopted when the required depth cannot be inserted at a time, that is, open the clamping cylinder during the down-insertion process, so that the tamping pick will produce some reciprocating movement and shift the ballast, which will be convenient to insert.)


 ND-4.2×2 flexible shaft rail tamping machine is suitable for any track line maintenance and ballast tamping operation. It is characterized by light weight and easy operation. Tamping has the advantages of good quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, quick on or off track speed and strong applicability. It can do tamping operation not only for standard lines, but also for turnouts. The machine is cost effective and very suitable for the needs of railway ballast tamping operation.