Notice For The Use Of Diesel Engine

- Mar 21, 2021-

Notice for the Use of

Hydraulic Rail Tamping Machine with Diesel Engine

1.      Special engine oil must be filled before diesel engine is used.

2.      Diesel engine must be put off when adding diesel oil.

3.      The tank needs to be filled with enough cooling water normally to the top of the tank before starting the diesel engine.

4.      It is strictly forbidden to use engine without air filter element.

5.      Check the hydraulic oil in the tank, oil surface must not be lower than the center of the oil window hole. Hydraulic oil should be selected according to the season and local temperature (generally select over 68 # in summer and 32 # in winter).

6.      Resize clamp opening according to rail type.

7.      The tamping pick must reach below the sleeper before to operate the clamping cylinder, ("rub down" can be adopted when the required depth cannot be inserted at a time, that is, open the clamping cylinder during the down-insertion process, so that the tamping pick will produce some reciprocating movement and shift the ballast, which will be convenient to insert.)

8.      Vibration shaft bearings shall be cleaned and replaced the grease every quarterly (molybdenum disulphide grease).

For more detailed information of technical parameters of rail tamping machine with diesel engine:

1. Engine: Diesel Engine SF190

    Power: 7kW

    R.P.M: 2300 r / min

2. Hydraulic system working pressure: 5 ~ 6MPa

3. Vibrating frequency: 66.7Hz

4. Vibrating force: 22kN

5. Max insert force: 16kN

6. Max clamping force:  6.5kN × 2

7. Inserting depth: 110mm ± 10mm (underneath the sleeper)

8. Production efficiency 270 pieces / (group hour)

9. Machine weight:

Water-cooled diesel engine: 439kg

10. Overall size:

Water-cooled diesel engine: 1300 × 750 × 1600mm