Minor Expert In Maintenance Of Switch------Our Multi-functional Rail Grinding Machine Displays Its Talents And Skills

- Jun 07, 2018-

With the increasing speed of railway transportation and requirement of the smooth degree of train operation, the repairing and maintenance requirements of the switch, which is a weak and crucial link in the railway line, are becoming more and more important. In response to this phenomenon, our company combines the ways of grinding the rails of the Maintenance Department, and deeply analyzes the concrete structure of the switch, we have launched a new model of multi-functional grinding machine which specifically aimed at grinding the limited parts, such as point rail, the switch center, the wing track and high welding head etc.

The machine was "perfectly unveiled" in the "implementation of professional repairs and promotion of field work standardization training session" held in Shenyang Track Maintenance Division on Oct. 7th , 2017. It has been recognized and praised by the site leaders and technicians relying on its compact fuselage, specific feeding accuracy, smart operation mode and obvious excellent grinding effect.


In order to be more suitable for the working environment on the site, our company designed two types of engines for the machine. One is internal combustion engine and the other is lithium battery. The machine formally passed the science and technology achievements appraisal of Shenyang Bureau on Nov. 2nd , 2017.


Now, the multi-functional grinding machine has been put into production, and has been used in many Track Maintenance Divisions with perfect application effect. We are looking forward to the wider use of the machine and more "valuable opinions" from the site!



Sparks Wrapped in the Grinding Process……


Two types of engines: Lithium Battery & Internal Combustion


Effect after grinding