Method Of Using Internal Combustion Bolt Wrench

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Check the machine parts should be in normal condition, check engine (according to engine manual) should be in normal condition.

2. The shift handle is placed in 0-bit (neutral), the rotation of the number of engines to the various parts of the good lubrication.

3. Start the engine, for a short time idling, and then adjust the throttle to make the engine at a medium-speed operating state.

4. Place the reversing handle from the neutral position in the desired position (forward or reverse) lift the operation hand, the sleeve on the sleeper nut, rotate the clutch handle, pull the clutch to combine, the sleeve begins to work, when the sleeper nut is loosened or locked as required technical requirements, loosen the clutch handle, the clutch is automatically reset (i.e. out of state), and the sleeve stops working, which completes the whole process of loosening or locking of a sleeper bolts.

5. When you stop working, when the handle is placed in neutral position, loosen the throttle and turn off the engine.

6. Bevel Gear reducer reversing mechanism every 48 hours, should check and add grease once; the afterburner inspects the lubricating oil once a month.

7. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned, coated with antiseptic grease and stored in a ventilated dry place.