Learning Skills, Training, Quality, Safety And Standard

- Oct 12, 2018-

学技练功提素质  强基达标保安全


学标、对标、达标 Academic standards, benchmarking and reaching standards


In order to implement the working principle of "two-handed grasp, three returns and four main lines" of the Party Committee and the group company of the group company, and in accordance with the relevant requirements of carrying out the activities of "learning standard, matching standard and reaching standard" and promptly setting off the upsurge of "learning skills and practicing skills", the technical quality of the staff and cadres and their ability to perform their functions will be further improved. August 7-8, Jinzhou Public Works Section Two rounds of rail grinding training courses were held jointly by the Youth League Committee, the technical department and the vocational education department. All departments and workshops and young cadres and workers participated in the training.



Vice-section chief Jinxi emphasized the importance of strengthening rail grinding, summarized the recent rail grinding work, analyzed and commented on the existing problems, proposed the next work requirements, and trained the key links of rail grinding.



Wang You, chief engineer of Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. and Gu Baokui, engineer were specially employed as teaching teachers.


Describes the structure and characteristics of various rail grinders, operation methods and matters needing attention, equipment maintenance, safe operation procedures, common troubleshooting knowledge.



Explain the grinding standards, timing and requirements of fish scale grain, rail fat edge and joint, tip rail action edge and basic work action edge, frog wing rail (center rail) and joint.

       观看钢轨打磨教学视频。Watch the rail grinding teaching video

认真学习 learning


       授课教师手把手教授学员钢轨打磨方法、要领。The teacher taught the students how to polish the rails.





Through summing up and commenting by the leaders in charge of the depot, giving lectures by experts from manufacturers and special centralized drilling, all the cadres and workers participating in the training have systematically studied the use and operation technology of rail grinder, mastered the process and method of rail grinding, comprehensively improved the overall quality of cadres and workers in the professional team of rail grinding, and further unified the professional management of rail. The rationale and thought clearly define the next work focus, and provide a strong guarantee for improving the quality of line maintenance and ensuring safe production.

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