Jinzhou Tiegong Added The New Equipments.

- Sep 10, 2019-

Jinzhou Tiegong Add The New Equipments.

On August 13, 2019, in the midst of continuous rain, 9 CNC machine tools newly purchased by jinzhou tiegong railway maintenance equipment co., LTD arrived as expected. The big car stopped in the factory, but the rain showed no sign of weakness or decline.


Under the direct command of the general manager, with the close cooperation of the staff, one machine tool after another was carried to the machining workshop.


In the tacit understanding, close cooperation, in the heavy rain lit up that belongs to the "iron workers" force, that is full of cohesive endeavor.


Jinzhou railway maintenance machinery co., LTD. Continues to develop and expand, it is this force that makes iron industry since 1992 excellent development so far, because of this force, iron industry development pace will not stop;The cohesion of the ironworker will not be diminished;Tomorrow the ironworker will do something new.This is what we need to ensure development and production.