Interactive Robot Deployment At St. Pancras Station, UK

- Nov 24, 2018-

Interactive Robot Deployment at St. Pancras Station, UK

Recently, humanoid robots have been deployed at St. Pancras Station in London, UK. Passengers traveling on Eurostar can interact with them through a tablet computer equipped on the bosom of the robots, including inquiries about station maps, travel information and travel guides in Paris, Brussels, Lille and Amsterdam. This "Pepper Robot" from Softbank Robot Company in Japan uses its own cameras to interpret human facial expressions, body language and voice. It can answer people's questions and pose to take pictures. Isn't it very rudimentary?


The head of Eurostar said that the company has been looking for and exploring technological innovations to enhance the overall customer experience. The emergence of pepper robots provides an interesting way for passengers to learn more about their journeys and destinations. At the same time, smart personal stewardship will soon be introduced, through which passengers can associate their voice control devices with Eurostar accounts and track their travel plans, such as finding the cheapest tickets to Paris. In the future, the company expects to hear feedback from customers after their experience, so as to better improve and improve service quality.

The pepper robot has been deployed by the Japanese Keikyu Railway Company and the French SNCF Company at Haneda Airport and the French Station, respectively.


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