Installation Process Of Rail Fittings And Spikes

- Mar 27, 2021-

The spike is a kind of rail accessories, but it is very practical. In the famous Anti Japanese war novel railway guerrillas, Lin Zhong, one of the members of the flying tigers, uses spikes as hidden weapons of throwing knives. Today, the professional technical team of Jinzhou Tiegong has brought you the installation process of the spike. I hope you can have a basic understanding. If you have the purchase demand of the spike, you can contact us.

Installation process


Place and install safety isolation facilities

This point is very important. I hope you can't ignore it. In the whole process of dynamic construction, whether it's a new road or an open road, everyone should be in the safety facilities. For example, in the open road construction, the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:1. The ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel shall be 1:3 for the construction of the section not open to traffic.


Determine the installation position

Ensure that the installation position is smooth, and the road surface with expansion, cracks and unevenness shall be leveled in advance..


Cleaning work

Clean the installation position with a brush and ensure that the installation position is dry.


Glue and install

Apply proper amount of glue on the spike. Press the spike tightly on the installation position to ensure the correct direction. If there is too much glue, be sure to clean it


Hole location requirements

If it is cast aluminum with pin, make sure that the hole depth is 1cm greater than the pin depth and the hole diameter is 2mm greater than the pin diameter.


Inspection work

Make an inspection tour within two hours after the installation of the spikes to ensure that all the spikes are not installed reversely, installed askew or pressed askew.


Close out

After 4 hours of curing, remove and install isolation facilities.

The installation of the spike is not a complicated matter, but there are many details to pay attention to. In addition to selling various specifications of light rail, heavy rail, crane rail and external standard rail, Jinzhou Tiegong also provides customers with all kinds of railway accessories. Welcome to call or visit!