Important High-speed Railway Lines In Western China Have Been Laid

- Sep 17, 2019-

Important high-speed railway lines in western China have been laid

At 16:04 on September 3, at the track laying site from XinJie station of YunNan province to WeiXin station of Chengdu-Guizhou railway, the last rail fell steadily, marking the completion of the track laying of the whole line of Chengdu-Guizhou railway.


The total length of Chengdu-Guizhou railway is about 632 kilometers, with a design speed of 250 kilometers per hour.The ChengDu-LeShan section of the Chengdu-Guizhou railway was put into operation in December 2014, and the LeShan-YiBin section was put into operation on June 15, 2019.The length of the yibin to GuiYang section of the Chengdu-Guizhou railway is about 370 kilometers, with 139 tunnels and 269 Bridges. The ratio of bridge to tunnel is as high as 85%, and the slope of some sections reaches 30‰.


Into your after the railway was open to traffic, forming new SiChuan railway passage, to further shorten the southwest and northwest areas of China and east China, south China region between space and time distance, improve the road network structure in the west and promote along the tourism resource development, speed up the three provinces of SiChuan and YunNan GuiZhou urban construction and economic and social development speed, promote the western development strategy implementation is of great significance.


At present, the section from YiBin to GuiYang of ChengDu-GuiZhou railway has entered the final stage of static acceptance.