Have You Met The Plastic Surgeon Of The Turnout

- Mar 13, 2021-

Have you met the plastic surgeon of the turnout?

Turnout is an important equipment to realize track conversion, which is widely used in railway lines, and plays an important role in the normal operation of railway. However, because of the large number of joints and complex curves in turnout area, it is often the high incidence area of traffic safety accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the good use of turnout, it is necessary to repair and strengthen the turnout frequently to improve the quality of turnout and avoid accidents.


DGM-2.2 I multifunctional turnout rail grinder produced by our factory is a professional equipment suitable for the weak part of turnout and the removal or repair of rail damage. It is a "plastic surgeon" with high reputation on the turnout. 


It is less than 22kg, small and light, easy to go up and down the road. 

The 2.2kW two stroke gasoline engine is used to ensure the high efficiency.

Through the beauty (grinding) treatment of the sharp rail, movable heart rail and wing rail with the width of section below 50mm, the turnout will be radiant and lively.

This kind of damage to the surface of the sharp rail is easy to use, extend the service life of turnout rail parts, and improve the labor intensity, reduce maintenance cost, high appearance and good craftsmanship, whether the "plastic surgeon" has captured your heart.

Railway maintenance, precision manufacturing, we have been professional.


Do you learn a little knowledge of railway maintenance one day?

For specific operation, the video will be explained later. 

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