Good Friends Are Never Tired Of Enthusiasm, Exchange And Promote The Friendship Between China And Philliphines

- May 29, 2018-

        In May 26, 2018, "old friends" from Philippines once again come to Jinzhou iron industry road equipment Co., Ltd., with our company to exchange technology and purchase products inspection.44.jpg88.jpg

        Yu Yanjun, the general manager of our company, attaches great importance to the arrival of the "old friend" again. The sale department, Li Liansheng, is specially assigned to explain the whole course, and arranges a full-time technician to demonstrate the machine purchased by the customer, teach the customer to use and maintain the method, and let the customers do the actual operation to ensure to my public. The product is used skillfully.11.jpg55.jpg

       After the demonstration, it came to the general manager's office, two years old home, the customer witnessed the changing of "iron workers", felt the consistent way of waiting for guests, and added a few thanks and trust. Through exchanges and exchanges, the two sides have effectively strengthened the understanding of Railway Technology between the two countries, and provided the direction for our products to move towards a broader international market.77.jpg

      "Good friends are not tired of feeling," because of the dedication to the cause of the railway, we are open to talk, not tired, eagerly looking forward to the further development of the railway industry, and common wishes for a good picture of future cooperation. Jinzhou ironworks maintenance equipment Co., Ltd. looks forward to more "like-minded" people at home and abroad working together with us.22.jpg

In 2016, our customers visited our company and posed for a photo with the general manager.66.jpg

Field guide and presentation the operation method of rail lifting and lining device.