Firmly Develop The Pace Of Going Out And Turn The Jinzhou Tiegong Into North America And West Africa.

- Oct 12, 2018-

Firmly develop the pace of "going out" and turn the "Jinzhou Tiegong" into North America and West Africa.

On September 3, 2018, the US delegation led by President Marcus visited our company as planned. To ensure a successful and orderly visit, the Shazhou Manager took a rigorous and thorough attitude in the preparation of documents, the arrangement of venues and the sequence of meetings. On the day of the visit, General Manager Yu Yanjun, Manager Yu Shazhou, Foreign Trade Manager Lily,Miley Wang and Technical Chief Engineer Wang warmly welcomed guests from the United States, Australia and Nigeria.


The delegation also made an exclusive report on the development of the North American market, conducted a large number of data analysis, and after continuous consultation, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the development and cooperation of the North American market.


Subsequently, Li Li and Wang You accompanied the customers to visit the exhibition hall, workshops, warehouses and so on. They gave detailed answers to the products they were interested in and the questions they raised. They gave a comprehensive introduction to our company's production strength, technical level and product advantages.


Through careful, careful answers, comprehensive visits and interoperability, we won the recognition of customers. At the recommendation of the American delegation, the next day our company's leaders went to Beijing with them to discuss further cooperation with the President and President of the Nigerian Railway Company. After rigorous and comprehensive technical exchanges, and the company's products, size of the introduction, our company successfully entered the door of the Nigerian railway market. The success of this cooperation intention is the inevitable result of the tacit cooperation between the various departments of the company towards the same goal, and is also an important cornerstone of the iron products to the international market. We will be more determined to "go out" the pace of development, will "iron manufacturing" to a broader international market!


Jinzhou Tiegong is an ISO9001 certified manufacture of various types of professional railway equipment. We are specialized in designing and producing more than 100 types of products with our own brand “Liaojin Tiegong”.

Our designed and developed Rail Tamping Machine, Rail Drilling Machine, Rail Cutting Machine, Lithium Battery Multi-functional Rail Switch Grinding Machine, Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine, Lithium Battery Rail Vehicle, Rail Bender etc. have obtained high praise from our customers.

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