DPC-4 Lithium Battery Rail Vehicle Tested Successfully

- Jun 09, 2018-

On June 7, 2018, the technical research and development team and all sales of Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. went to Jinzhou South Station to test the DPC-4 lithium battery rail vehicle which was developed and produced independently by our company.


The vehicle is an ideal for railway line to transport goods, tools, passengers, and also it’s suitable for rail inspection and flood control. The lithium battery is used as power, the running distance will be 50km for one charge. The features of the vehicle are light body, easy operation and usage. We can also make special customization according to the actual needs of the customers. We can add lighting and trailer functions. The technicians have made strict tests on the vehicle undefined braking distance, walking safety speed, wheel braking state and load bearing state, so as to ensure the quality and safety performance of the product.


The need of customer is our direction of unremitting efforts. In line with the "responsible to customers" attitude, determined to each level, to ensure the quality of products, safety. Continuous improvement, perfection, continuous reform, innovation, greater customer satisfaction, better service to rail transport, is our goal is always the same. Looking forward to the majority of customers to actively use and put forward valuable advice.