Construction And Working Principle Of Hydraulic Straight Rail Device

- Jul 31, 2017-

The hydraulic straight rail is composed of the lock hook assembly and the fuselage frame assembly, the oil cylinder assembly and the gap adjusting device are part of the fuselage frame assembly.

1. The oil cylinder assembly consists of a cylinder, a piston, a sealing ring, a top block, a safety valve, a return valve and a spare return valve.

2. Safety valve has been adjusted before the company, users may not be arbitrarily mobilized.

3. The return valve is through the return valve screw top, loosen the steel ball to achieve the completion of the return valve blocking and opening action.

4. Standby valve is in the back valve failure, should be used in a timely manner, peacetime operation is not available.

5. The gap adjustment device is composed of a top block C, a handle and a limit screw.

6. The straightening (or bending) of the rails is based on the lever principle.