Chinese Experts Help Modernize Costa Rica's Railway System

- Nov 01, 2019-

Chinese experts help modernize costa rica's railway system

2019 overseas training course on the modernization of costa rica's railway system opening ceremony was held in SAN jose, capital of costa rica on June 25.During the training, railway experts from China will teach the students of costa rica's railway system advanced technology and experience in railway construction, and train talents for the modernization of costa rica's railway system.

The training course, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and jointly undertaken by the international commercial officer training college of the Ministry of Commerce and the engineering group co., LTD., will last for 15 days.Forty-five officials from 10 departments, including costa rica's railway authority and public works and transportation, attended the training.

Zhai chengyu, economic and commercial counselor of the Chinese embassy in costa rica, said at the opening ceremony that the Chinese government organized the training course according to the actual needs of the costa rican government, hoping to share experience in railway construction and management to help costa rica's green and sustainable development.

Elisabeth bricanio, director of the costa rican railway authority, said that the modernization of costa rica's railways is imperative, and that the country needs to build a reserve of technology and talent.China is a world leader in railway technology and has excellent training staff. I hope all costa ricans can benefit from this training.

Costa rica is located in Central America. It is a country with a relatively developed economy and tourism industry in Central America. However, its railway system is underdeveloped and its infrastructure is aging.