Cautions For Lithium Batteries Of Railway Equipment

- Mar 14, 2021-

Cautions for Lithium Batteries of Railway Equipment

1. It is strictly forbidden to immerse batteries in water. Batteries should be placed in a cool and dry environment when they are not in use.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use or place batteries at high temperature, such as fire, heater (nearby) etc. Otherwise, it may cause overheating, fire or functional failure of batteries, and shorten its life.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use batteries by reversing the positive and negative electrodes.

4. It is strictly forbidden the reverse charging of batteries.

5. It is strictly forbidden to insert the positive and negative ends of batteries directly into power sockets.

6. It is strictly forbidden the short circuit of batteries, which can cause serious damage to the batteries.

7. It is strictly forbidden to transport or store batteries with metals (such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.).

8. It is strictly forbidden the knocking, throwing, trampling, falling, dismantling and impacting battery, etc.

9. It is Strictly forbidden the direct welding of batteries and penetration of batteries with nails or other sharp tools.

10. It is strictly forbidden to use batteries in places with strong static electricity and magnetic. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the safety protection device of the batteries and bring about unsafe hidden dangers.

11. Please choose a special charging device for lithium batteries.

12. Please charge the battery within 12 hours after use.

13. If there is any abnormality in the process of odor, heat, discoloration or deformation in the use, storage and charging of the battery, immediately stop charging or use, and remove or isolate the battery from the device.

14. Please clean it with dry cloth before use if the electrode is dirty or rusty. Otherwise, it may lead to poor contact and functional failure.

15. Shallow charge and shallow discharge of batteries are beneficial to improve their cycle lives. It is recommended that users discharge to 80% of nominal capacity of battery each time.

16. Battery parameters: 20AH, lithium ternary batteries 15 series 60V, working temperature - 10 - 40, charging voltage 63V, with a special charger.

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