After Years' Accumulation, Let’s Be The Striver Of The New Age

- Jul 11, 2018-

After Years' Accumulation, Let’s Be the Striver of the New Age

Bernard Shaw once said: "people who succeed in this society are all those who grasp the opportunity; if there is no opportunity to catch them, they create their own opportunities. July 7, 2018, the General Manager Yu Yanjun of Jinzhou Railway Maintenance Machinery Co., Ltd. had a meeting with sales department.


During the meeting, General Manager Yu unreservedly told everyone about the many sales experiences he had accumulated over the years, and also talked about the height of thinking and the way he handled business as an enterprise operator. And with "Putin elected as the classic example of the Russian president experience" earnestly warned that "opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, only if you are fully prepared, take the initiative to seize the opportunity to achieve success."


Through this meeting, we felt the importance of the accumulation of bits and pieces at ordinary times, and the good expectation that General Manager Yu had for each comrade to better realize his self-worth, as an excellent salesman and a member of the "Iron works." As a member of the "New era," we should not only have the tenacity of "dripping through stone, rope sawing wood", but also have the preparation of "thick hair, waiting to move", constantly accumulating and striving. For their own opportunity to come to do a good deal of preparation!