Advantages Of Small Hydraulic Turnout Tamping Machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Good security. The machine is a special machine for the operation of turnout ballast, and the safety of the turnout is fully ensured by the hydraulic system, the double lifting cylinder without guide pillar, double ramming picks and no drop.

2. High operating efficiency. The machine is light in quality, compact and simple in structure, flexible in operation, high in vibration force, convenient in upper and lower lanes, less trouble and more efficient operation.

3. Low labour costs. Compared with the past working methods, the labor force is saved and the labor intensity of workers can be reduced greatly.

4. Small vibration, low noise, easy to operate. The upper and lower road is quick and reliable, the lower way frame assembly is convenient, fixed reliable, under normal circumstances can under the 150s inside the road completes, under the road does not invade limits.

5. Strong adaptability. This unit can be applied to the current standard gauge rail line 43~75㎏/m various types of turnout, more suitable for $number single switch and compound intersection, can be tempted and other complex turnout tamping operations, the Ballast Bridge track in the case of no dismantling of the rail can also be tamping, strong applicability.