Working principle and basic structure of intelligent hydraulic tamper unit,do you know?

- Aug 30, 2019-

Basic Structure and Working Principle

Working Principle:

      YD-22III intelligent rail tamping machine unit is powered by gasoline engine and drives oil pump and vibration shaft respectively through triangular belt. The eccentric body rotating at high speed with the vibration shaft produces exciting force due to centrifugal force, and the high-pressure oil from the oil pump enters the lifting cylinder and clamping cylinder through the reversing valve, thus driving the executing parts, realizing the functions of clamping rails, inserting down, clamping and other tamping operations.


Basic structure:


1. beam, 2. lifting cylinder, 3. reversing valve control handle, 4. multiplex reversing valve, 5. tank, 6.vibrating frame, 7. tamping pick, 8, rail clamp, 9. safety pin, 10. chassis, 11. petrol engine, 12. hand-pressure oil pump, 13. clamping cylinder, 14. synchronous rod, 15. positioning pin, 


 16. main frame, 17. light, 18. electric control box, 19. manual multiplex reversing valve, 20. pressure bar, 21. walking spindle, 22. walking hydraulic motor, 23. walking chain, 24. walking joint, 25. walking wheel, 26. switch, 27. connecting harness, 28. main body (petrol engine and rack), 29. wireless remote controller

The advantages of the Intelligent Rail Tamping Unit are as follows:

1. The chassis of tamping unit is equipped with walking device and electronic control device (electric engine and remote control will control each function of the equipment). The equipment realizes the characteristics of automatic walking ad remote control, which greatly improves the working efficiency and comfort, it also can reduce the labor intensity.

2. Protective nets are installed on both sides of tamping unit to ensure the safety of workers and the stability of tamping operation. And also, it has the front and rear lights which can provide better lighting when working at night.