Why is the high - Speed Rail business seat expensive?

- Jul 28, 2018-

Why is the high - Speed Rail business seat expensive?

As we all know, the high-speed rail distinguishes several levels of seats, business block, first class seat, two seat, and no seat ticket. Among them, the business seat price is the highest, which is at least 3 times more expensive than the two seat seat.


Some people ask that the price of the high-speed rail business class is higher than that of the aircraft. Why not take the plane? Although the price of the high - Speed Rail business class is comparable to the aircraft, the high speed speed of the high speed rail is far superior to the aircraft, and the aircraft is expected to cancel the flight in the face of various weather factors. In addition, high-speed rail security and waiting time is much shorter than the aircraft, and do not need to check luggage, but also play with mobile phones, relatively speaking experience is better.


In everyone's impression, the high-speed rail business seat is just one word - expensive! Many people will not consider business block or even the first class seats as long as there are two seats or even seats.

The business seat is so expensive, is it worth it? This should be said from the characteristics of the business seat.

First, business space is exceptionally spacious. There are only three seats in one row, one on the left and two on the right.


Second, the business seat has a powerful seat. It is said that the seat cost is 230 thousand yuan, but it has not been confirmed by the railway department. But it looks like the cost should be low. The seat can lie flat at 180 degrees, the space is quite ample, and the friends who want to have a good rest are good news.


In addition, both sides of the armrest have a mysterious machine: the left armrest hidden in a miniature LCD TV, its lower side is a power outlet, can be charged by the mobile phone, the right hand side of the handrail, a backrest, pad adjustment button, a total of "sit", "half lying" and "full lie" three touch keys, can be adjusted to the most comfortable seat by key buttons. State.


Third, business seats are equipped with cold proof blankets, cushions, eye patches, towels, slippers, shoe covers, headphones and other service spare parts. Free drinks, breakfast, dinner, snack foods and newspapers.


Fourth, there are sightseeing areas, microwave ovens and so on.


Fifth, there is a special business seat waiting area when waiting for the car, equipped with full-time service staff, can take drinks, small food, read the day newspaper, free Internet, and enjoy free baggage handling.


The natural price of high-standard service is correspondingly high. So it's not unreasonable to say that business seats are much more expensive than ordinary high-speed rail tickets. Have you ever had a high - speed rail travel experience? Welcome the message below and share with us.

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