Why is High Speed Rail banned at Night?

- Jun 06, 2018-

This period of time is to ensure the safe operation of high-speed rail equipment maintenance time. All kinds of high-speed rail equipment should be overhauled between 0 am and 6 am, mainly including: inspection of the lines in the public works section, inspection of the power supply equipment (such as the power supply network) in the power supply section, and inspection of the signals in the signal section. Of course, our EMU has to go back to the warehouse for repair and maintenance.

Some people will ask, why can the EMU on the old line keep running? Because of the different speed, the maintenance requirements are different, so the maintenance method is also different. The old line speed below 160 kilometers per hour, take "V skylight", that is, one section of the line block maintenance, another section of the line can continue to run the sports car. But high-speed rail is fast and requires a lot of maintenance. If the "V-shaped skylight" is risky, the line is completely closed, the speed is fast, and suddenly the car comes, workers even pulling the fence will be blown away. So the high-speed train takes a "vertical skylight" at night and does not run at night.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of high-speed trains, every day before the first train to send out a confirmation car, no passengers. Every morning, there is a safety angel, like lightning, across the busy day of high-speed rail lines, with its smile to confirm the safety of high-speed rail lines.


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