When the railway track is out of order, how can it be repaired? I'll give you a good idea of maintenance.

- May 18, 2019-

When the railway track is out of order, how can it be repaired? I'll give you a good idea of maintenance.

Now the city is developing very fast. People used to go out and use bicycles. Nowadays, the way people go out has changed a lot. Some people can ride electric bicycles, some people can go to the subway, some people can take airplanes, some people can take trains. Nowadays, it is normal for people to take trains. It is no longer a strange thing. Nowadays, everyone can take trains. But our train has been running for so many years, if there is a problem on the train track, how to repair it?


Rail track is very important for both train and high-speed railway. If there is a problem on the railway track, the overall operation of the train will be affected . More seriously,it may deviate from the track, or even have other major problems. In order to avoid this situation, railway companies also attach great importance to railway maintenance. Generally, there will be special personnel to inspect the railway.


If some sections of the railway are inspected and the track is unstable, the staff will reinforce them. If it's really broken, it can only be replaced. Railway company's maintenance warehouse has a large number of parts. These parts are section by section, and the replacement of the track does not require too much manpower, there are special fully automatic replacement of the track vehicles for maintenance and treatment. Because of the strong logistical support, even if there are problems, they can be solved in a short time. It will not affect the operation and traffic of trains.


Of course, all of the above situations are relatively simple and can be adopted only when the handling is relatively smooth. Sometimes, when workers inspect railways, they will find some parts, which can not be replaced in time. Then they can only take the welding method. Workers will carry out thermite welding on the part where the problem occurs. This method is not very difficult, and what is welded out also has very high firmness. This method is also commonly used in railway.


It is these unknown workers who maintain the railways that make our trains safer.

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