Wear and tear of rail

- Jul 31, 2017-

Rail failure is the damage caused by fracture, crack and other effects and restricting the performance of rail during the use of rail.

In order to facilitate the statistics and analysis of rail damage, the rail damage should be classified according to the position of the rail section, the damage appearance and the cause of the damage are divided into nine kinds of 32 kinds of damage, with two digit number classification, 10 digits to indicate the location and status of the lesion, single digit indicates the cause of the defects. The specific contents of rail damage can be seen as "Railway engineering Technical Manual (track)".

The rail break is one of the following: The whole cross-section of the rail is broken into two parts at least; the cracks have been through the entire Rail head section or the bottom section of the rail; the top of the rail has grown up in 50mm and deeper than 10mm, the rail break directly threatens the safety of the driving, should be replaced in time, the rail crack is the separation of the rail part, and the crack is formed.