Track Maintenance Division

- Jul 13, 2018-

    Track Maintenance Division is the basic unit of the railway system, which is responsible for the maintenance and repair of railway lines, bridges and tunnels.

    It includes regular maintenance of repair and maintenance work for bridges, tunnels, culverts, roadbeds, rails, turnouts, sleepers, ballasts, etc. In addition, the railway patrol and the watchmen of railway crossing belong to the duty area of the Track Maintenance Division.


    The main line is to extend the single line to 500~700 kilometers, and the two lines are 800~1000 kilometers. Under special circumstances, the Railway Bureau stipulates that the length of the main line can be appropriately reduced when there are marshalling stations or the first or more stations within the range of mountain railway or jurisdiction.


    The three level management system of the section, workshop and group is carried out in the Track Maintenance Division, and some professional workshops, such as line workshop, bridge workshop, key maintenance workshop, comprehensive machine repair workshop and transportation workshop, are set up. Some departments, such as line technology, safety, bridge and tunnel technology, and some logistics departments such as personnel, finance, education and administration are set up in the section.

Line shop:

    Responsible for routine maintenance and repair of railway lines and related equipment. And the railway patrol, the guard of the railway crossing.


Bridge workshop:

    Responsible for the maintenance and repair of bridges, tunnels and culverts.


Key repair workshop:

    Responsible for large and medium railway maintenance work.

Integrated machine repair workshop: 


    Responsible for machine repair, parts repair, auxiliary processing.


     There are a number of working groups in each workshop.