The display meaning of the signal machine

- Jul 28, 2018-

The display meaning of the signal machine


One, station signal machine

Green light: through the front line

A yellow light: parking in the main line

Two yellow lights: stop in the side line

Red light: no over

A red light and a month white light: Guide to the station


Two. Outbound signal machine

A green light: permission to leave

Yellow light: the train is allowed to start from the station, indicating that there is at least one block area free in front of the train.

Red light: no over

Two green lights:

Automatic Blocking Section Indicates Going to Semi-automatic Blocking Section

Semi-automatic block section is a secondary line

When it is also used as a shunting signal

One month white light: permission to cross over the signal

Three. Through the signal machine

A green light: allowing the train to run at a specified speed, indicating that there are at least two block zones in front of the train.

A yellow light: requires the train to pay attention to the operation, indicating that there is a block area free in front of the train.

A red light: the train should stop in front of the signal

Four. A passing signal equipped with an admissible signal:

The admissible signal shows a blue light: the permit train does not stop under the signal that the signal is red, running at a speed of not more than 20 kilometers / hours, running to the next passing signal and ready to stop.

Five, block signal machine:

A red light: No trains are allowed to cross the signal.

Without the light, it does not play the role of signal

Six. Preview signal machine:

A green light: indicates that the main signal is open.

A yellow light: indicates that the main signal is off.


Seven, shunting signal machine:

One month white light: permit shunting over the signal.

A blue light: No shunting over the signal.

Eight. Hump signal machine:

A green light: allowing locomotive and rolling stock to advance to hump at specified speed.

A green flash light: indicates that the locomotive and vehicle will accelerate to the hump.

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