- Jul 27, 2018-


  1.  What’s stressrelieving?

    Stress release refers to the work of eliminating and relocking the rail in a certain section of the seamless track when there is a temperature difference force which is inconsistent with the design.


2. Work flow:

2.1 Open the rail joint at the opening or cut off the rail.


2.2 Release the fastener from the end of the opening to the fixed end in turn and pad the roller into the bottom of the rail.


2.3 Longitudinally colliding with the rail crashing device to release the stress in the long rail


2.4 The rail temperature is measured, and the rail temperature is locked according to the plan, and the stretch is calculated by the length of the unit rail bar.


2.5 According to the drawing amount and the length of the insertion rail, the track position is determined, and the track is replaced by the insertion rail.


2.6 Install the drawing machine and stretch, when in place, tighten the joint splint.


2.7 Pull along with the rail crashing device at the same time.


2.8 Pull out all rollers and fasten on top.


2.9 Withdraw from Stretcher.

2.10 When a rail is stretched, the person in charge of the construction may arrange for the rest personnel to release the stress on the other rail according to the above procedure.

2.11 Open the line. (the person in charge of the construction carries on the comprehensive inspection to the track size and the spare parts, after meeting the requirement, withdraws the protection, cancels the record, opens the line)

2.12  Arrange

The stress release record book of seamless track was recorded in the field and the displacement measurement point was calibrated again.