Signal cable

- Jun 19, 2018-

Signal cable



The signal cable is a signal transmission tool. The signal transmission of the general signal cable is very small, in order to avoid the interference of the signal, there is a shield layer outside the signal cable, the shielding layer of the wrapped conductor is generally conductive cloth, the woven copper net or the copper mooring (aluminum), the shielding layer needs grounding, the external interference signal can be imported into the earth to avoid the interference signal entering the inside. Layer conductor interference reduces the loss of transmission signal simultaneously.


The laying of signal cables must comply with the following requirements:


A) the cable is buried depth, the station is generally not less than 700mm, the interval is not less than 1200mm; when crossing the line, the top of the pipe top of the pipe or concrete pipe should not be less than 0.4m when crossing the line.


B) the cable path should be chosen with good terrain and good soil quality.


C) cable path should avoid acid, alkali, salt accumulation, limestone, sewage, soft soil, and the danger of heavy collapse, as well as the fork point of the turnout, the rut center, the rail joint, the pole and tower foundation of the contact network.


D) cable path should be kept in line as far as possible. If there is a bending, the allowable bending radius of the cable: the non armoured cable should not be less than 10 times the outer diameter of the cable; the armoured cable should not be less than 15 times the outer diameter of the cable; the inner shielded cable should not be less than 20 times the outer diameter of the cable.


E) when the ground is connected with the signal cable, it should be buried in the soil below the cable (trough), not less than 300mm at the bottom of the cable (trough). Signal cables and power cables must not be laid on the same side. They should be laid separately. Physical isolation measures must be taken when crossing.

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