Safety operation of hydraulic rail drawing machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. The operator shall be qualified by the technical training and be accredited.

2. The operator should read the drawing machine manual carefully, understand the equipment structure, performance and mastering the use of the method, and familiar with the requirements of this procedure.

3. Before the operation should carefully check the tensile machine parts intact, the hydraulic system does not leak, the oil quantity should be sufficient.

4. When refueling to the electric pump tank, the hydraulic oil must be filtered and prevented from clogging the circuit.

5. High-pressure tubing installation must be reliable connection, such as found loose or leakage, downtime processing.

6. The first time the use of oil cylinder operation or maintenance of the oil tank, the tensile rail operation should be before the air in the tank clean.

7. During the operation, the operator should keep away from the high-pressure tubing and avoid wounding or splashing oil after the rupture of the high-pressure tubing. If you find that the high-pressure tubing bulge or other abnormalities should be immediately shut down, replace the new tubing.

8. Prohibit illegal operation and overload use.

9. According to the requirements of the maintenance and maintenance of the tensile machine, so that it is in a good technical state, must not use the failure of the machine to do the work.