Safety of railway construction

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. The existing railway construction scope is the railway subgrade slope foot 10 meters within the scope or railway safety protection zones are counted railway existing line construction, without the consent of the Works Department, can not enter the railway guardrail.

2. No further ignition or hanging of red flag within the scope of railway construction.

3. When the construction needs to enter the railway guardrail, the protection personnel must be set up.

4. The construction personnel shall not walk between two lines of the railway Road Heart, the sleeper and the line spacing less than 5 meters, and the material holder shall not invade the building gauge.

5. When crossing the railway, it is necessary to confirm that no locomotive can be adopted on both sides. Not to drill cars, off, jump cars, transfer material from under the vehicle, not under the vehicle, the line on both sides, the stock road to stay in the dangerous places.

6. In the Railway electrification section construction should pay attention to prevent the high voltage electric shock hazard occurrence (the work voltage achieves the QI. 5kv), the safety distance of the railway catenary is more than 2 meters, especially in the vicinity of the railway crane, the construction of the beam work must have the power supply department.