Reconnection in railway transportation

- Jun 16, 2018-

Reconnection in railway transportation

Why should railway transportation be reconnected?

With the continuous development of railway transportation, in the electric traction operation of the railway trunk line, a locomotive traction sometimes can not meet the requirements of transportation, so it needs multi locomotive traction. The adoption of multi locomotive traction can greatly increase the capacity of the transmission line and improve the economic index of railway transportation.

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Simple understanding:

When using multi locomotive traction on the main line, it can be operated by a few drivers on each locomotive or only one driver is manipulated on a locomotive, The electric lines are connected by a multi core cable plug at both ends of the locomotive to realize the operation of multiple locomotives by a driver. We call this operation mode a locomotive reconnection operation. The locomotive operated by the driver is called the locomotive, and the non controlled locomotive is called the multi-locomotive.


The multi-locomotive is connected to each other in the circuit, so they should have the same circuit, so as to achieve the synchronous operation and reduce the internal consumption, that is to say, the reconnection operation of the same type locomotive is the most convenient.


In addition, there are two cabs in electric locomotives. It can be divided into one part and two part. For the driver's cab at the same part, the two locomotives may be connected in parallel or in reverse connection. Therefore, the reverse circuit of the two locomotives, the direction of the two locomotives should always be consistent regardless of the way of connection. When there are some faults in multi-locomotive, there should be signal display on this locomotive.

In the EMUs, there is usually only one crew who can operate a locomotive.


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