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- Nov 23, 2018-

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Operation of High-speed Railway Trains

It greatly shortens people's travel time.

Make people's life more convenient

But there are some small companions along the railways.

Lack of necessary railway safety knowledge

Causing unintentional behavior

Bring hidden dangers to the normal operation of trains

I organized a group here.

Cartoon of Railway Safety Knowledge

Hope to improve the safety awareness of small partners

It is strictly forbidden to cross the fence.

Protective network (fence) is the safety guarantee of train operation, which is included in railway facilities to be protected, and can not be damaged or stolen. It is not possible to overturn, damage or move the protective facilities on both sides of railway lines and various standard piles. It is not possible to accumulate firewood, crop straw and other articles beside the protective net. Do not air clothes on the protective net.


Stealing of railway facilities is strictly prohibited

Theft of railway equipment and facilities, illegal sale or purchase of railway equipment and other acts not only endanger the safety of railway transport, but also violate national laws, which will be severely punished.


It is strictly forbidden to raise rods to pass through the crossing.

When long and tall objects such as sticks, bamboo poles and flags pass through electrified railway crossings, it is strictly forbidden to wave them high in order to avoid electric shock injury.


No hitting trains.

Striking trains with anything is strictly prohibited.


It is strictly forbidden to operate within 1 meter of the line.

It is forbidden to build, build buildings, structures or drill within 1 meter on both sides of underground optical cable facilities with railway signals; it is forbidden to pile heavy objects and garbage, to burn articles and to dump corrosive garbage.


No Barriers

It can not cross the protective net to enter the high-speed railway line, let alone place obstacles on the high-speed railway track.


No stopping trains

Illegal interception of trains and deliberate interruption of railway transport are strictly prohibited.


Passing through the crossing should be "one stop, two look and three pass"

Blind, deaf-mute, old, weak, disabled, mentally ill and preschool children with disabilities should pass through railway crossings and pedestrian passages under the care of guardians.


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