Rail (track circuit) hole drilling

- Jun 19, 2018-


ZG-31 electrical rail drilling machine

Different locations corresponding to different hole diameter:

A, Interval air choke and field choke rail drilling with a 13mm drill bit.

B, Interval capacitance and station capacitance rail drilling with 9.8mm drill bit.

C, Double body guard box rails are drilled with 13.2mm drill bit. If they are not hit by a German plug, it needs to be smeared with butter to prevent rust in the punched hole. If a German plug is used, a professional casing tool is used to enter the German plug nail.


D, Double body box and choke is fixed on the sleeper with a 10mm chemical anchor bolt and "M" card. The relationship between the rail connection and the direction of the train operation should be considered when the rail anchor bolt is fixed, and the long line is required to be installed on the back of the sleepers facing the train running direction.


In the case of sleeper plate joint, transponder, rail weld, the installation position of compensation capacitance is more than 0.65M of the sleeper plate joint or the center of the transponder. All rails (Eye Center) distance from the rail weld is more than 0.45M.

The location of the connecting line of the same equipment on two rails should be kept at the same location. The distance between two adjacent eyes is 80mm when double line connection is used.


NZG-31 rail drilling machine


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