Rail Tamping Operation

- Jul 05, 2018-

Rail Tamping Operation

1. Why do we do tamping operation?

    Due to the result of train operation or the effect of natural environment, part of the ballast of the track bed falls into the bed of the roadbed, which causes one side or two sides of the rail to sink, forming small pits and triangular pits. The irregularity of track cross section affects the safe operation of train.


2. What’s tamping operation?

    In order to keep the two rails in horizontal position, the concave rail surface must be raised to its original height. After the road, must be under the pillow to add stone ballasts, and wear tight, this work known as tamping.




    In order to make the rail surface meet the design elevation and the pavement bed meet the bearing capacity after laying the new railway, it is also necessary to build up the new stone ballast and carry out tamping operation. Tamping operation is line maintenance, medium repair. An important task in major repairs.