Portable internal combustion grinding and cutting machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

• High reliability, long service life, low maintenance requirements, in line with the economic principles, fast and start machine pull line has a stronger durability, bringing unparalleled reliability.

The host and the fast rail clamping device can be separated, easy to carry.

• Rugged, lightweight aluminum-oriented frame with global universal fast clamping device, reliable clamping rail, accurate positioning, can adapt to different direction of cutting requirements.

• Superior cutting speed cutting 60kg rail, average cutting time of about 45 minutes.

• humanized design when the internal combustion rail saw rail machine is sawing the rail generated sparks will be sprayed toward the side.

• Cutting technology from above can immediately relieve operator's operation weight.

• New Cutter shield, can be automatically adjusted according to the movement of cutting machine, fast rail clamp device, accurate positioning.

• No fault starter engine with intelligent start-up pressure relief device.

• Through a dry-type filter can be the best dust and impregnation filter and filter, unique active air filtration system, the use of different filtration principles to clean the air inhaled, thereby making life longer.

• Additional safety enhancements for centrifugal clutches.